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Use the power of radio to communicate with your employees, your clients, and the general public. Get your very own Internet radio station programmed by you and your company. Setup your station with OGR produced news, weather, employment, talk shows, music and more.

OGR offers independent, secure broadcasting for your company and respective listeners.

A simple and secure login with username and password and you're listing to your company's very own radio station with iOGR programming and content.

All of your employees can here all of the current OGR programming, including music genre, news, weather for particular regions, safety training programs, market and stock prices of your choice and more.

You can also choose to add company messages, company focus and direction, project status updates, executive speeches or anything you need to get across to your employees.

Our services include station install and implementation with minimal effort from your IT department. Your station can be heard over the Internet or through your LAN. Simply call in your information, speeches, or shows and we'll produce them for a professional broadcast to your selected listeners.

< We will customize and program your petroleum OGR station for your exact business needs.

Keep your employees focused on the job at hand, offer office appropriate music, broadcast keynote speeches, project or job updates, human resource information, company functions and events all without interrupting their daily activities.

For more information and detailed oil and gas proposals, contact our sales team.

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