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How to Listen To tune into Oil and Gas Radio.com, first you'll need to have the Windows Media Player installed on your system.

If you do not have Windows Media Player, you can download it FREE by clicking here. Macintosh users can download a Mac version here.

We want this to be as easy as possible! (Windows Media is pre-installed on all the latest Microsoft operation systems) If the Windows Media Player is ALREADY INSTALLED on your system, click on the "Listen Now" link above. If it is not installed, go do that first. After the installation has completed, return to the Oil and Gas Radio.com and click on the "Listen Now" link..


Having trouble listening to Oil and Gas Radio? Here are some FAQs that might help.

Q: I can only listen to OGR for a short time before it stops and displays a message telling me that it is 'buffering'.

A: This is generally due to congestion on the Internet making it difficult for the player to receive enough data to continue playing. It is possible to reduce this by increasing the size of the initial buffer the player has to play from. To increase the buffer size follow the instructions below. These only apply to the latest version of Windows Media Player:

� From your Windows Media Player (not the embedded player on our web site) select the 'View' menu option and then 'Options'.

� Now select the 'Advanced' tab. On this screen you need to double check that 'Streaming Media (Windows Media)' is highlighted. Once it's highlighted click on 'Change'.

� With the above completed a page showing the advanced options for Windows Media Player will be displayed. Under the 'Buffering' section make sure that the 'Buffer' option is selected. With this selected enter the value of 10 into the 'seconds of data' variable box.

� With the value now set, click on 'OK' until all of the windows have closed and you are back to the player. Reconnect to the OGR stream.

If this does not completely solve the problem try a higher number value in the buffer size. Be aware that the higher you set the buffer, the longer it will take to launch the stream at first.

Q: I have the latest version of the player but I still can't listen to OGR.

A: If you are accessing the Internet from work it is possible that your office network has either a 'Firewall' or a 'Proxy Server' which has been set to block this type of content. If you are unsure whether this is the case please contact your Network System Administrator.

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