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We are the world's only radio station dedicated to the oil and gas industry. Listen to iOGR for up to date news, weather and information. Internet radio representing the Oil and Gas Industry, broadcasting worldwide 24 hours a day.

  To hear the news and entertainment of Oil and Gas Radio, first you'll need to have the Windows Media Player installed on your system for oil and gas trading updates. Windows Media comes pre-installed in most all recent operating systems. If you do not have this, you can download one for free by clicking the link below. Windows Media is available for both the PC and the MAC and will let you listen to oil industry news and petroleum stock updates.



Oil and Gas Radio announces new Oil and Gas Radio Job Center. Search jobs, Post Jobs, and tune in to iOGR for audio announcements about latest petrochemical industry postings and hot oil field safety jobs.

Oil and Gas Trading Radio has recently been accepted by the iM Networks and stock and futures information can now be heard on the iM Band.

Oil and Gas Radio has recently been added to Microsoft's Window Media Radio directory.

Music Poll is now available. You can now vote for the oil and gas trading information you want to hear.


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